Computer of Eletor

you may have herd of richard stallman who wrot a GNU operate system for PC.

"Welcome to website of Eletor" - Richard Stallman

I currently have "2.8.6 DOS."

but soon i hope to get "3.8.6 DOS IBM"

when i use internet, i dial into friend who has a LINUX and he also has ISDN. my father has also a computer, it is WINDOWS 98. i use that to do thing like make website, and for work, but my father not let me use it for free softwares or the I.R.C chats.

please understand, while i can type lowercase on my website, i have to update from a friends computer. for IRC, i type in all caps as my slovak keyboard does not have a lowercase. for EMAIL, i reply to a friend on IRC who check my email for me right now, also in all cap.

my father not very understand of free softwares and he make a fun of RMS.

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ELETOR RELEASE A FREE SOFTWARE for make a website Eletor. G.P.L.

Last update: March 18 1999.